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15 Year Old Employment

C & R Management 15-Year-Old

Employment Guidelines Policy


Welcome to the team! We are so excited to work with you and to be your first job. We want to be a great employer and create a safe workplace for you. Because you are under 16, Utah Labor Laws restrict the hours you can work and the job duties you can perform. C & R Management values your safety so our company policies have been created with your well-being top of mind. Below are the details of how we will protect you and what you can do to be safe at work.



  • We will provide you with a uniform that is designated for 15-year-old employees which consists of a red McDonald’s t-shirt, hat, and name tag. Please wear each of these on every shift you work. This makes you easily identifiable to management.



Here is C&R Management’s scheduling guidelines for all 15-year-old employees:

During School (Labor Day- May 31st):

  • 2 hours and 45 minutes of work per day Monday through Friday, maximum of 16 hours per week

  • Can be scheduled between 3pm and 6:45 pm Monday through Friday

  • Can be scheduled between 8am and 6:45pm Saturday and Sunday for a maximum of 7-hour shift

  • No more than 8 hours in a 24-hour period

  • Employees who are 15 may not pick up extra shifts on NEXT or change their schedule without approval from the General Manager

  • Guidelines are different for some Holidays, Non-school days, and school beaks

Summer (June 1st- Labor Day):

  • 7 hours of work per day, maximum of 36 hours per week

  • Can be scheduled between 8am and 8pm Monday through Sunday

  • No more than 8 hours in a 24-hour period

  • Employees who are 15 may not pick up extra shifts on NEXT or change their schedule without approval from the General Manager


Positions where you can work:

We want you to take care of our customers, interact and talk to them, take their orders, and serve them with a smile.


  • Cashier  

  • Presenter

  • Beverages (coffee, soft drinks, espresso, blended beverages)

  • Runner

  • Coordinator

  • Assemble delivery orders

  • Prep burritos, happy meals, etc.

  • Stocking (just don’t use ladders or heavy lifting)

  • Basic cleaning duties in the service area and dining room (not around the fry station or in the kitchen or back sink or stock rooms)

  • Can go into walk in to briefly obtain stock


Jobs we do not want you to do until you are 16+:

  • Grills and fryers in kitchen                                                                                                           

  • French fries

  • Cleaning fryers, grills, filtering, pressure washer, maintenance, delivery of truck, dish washing sink

  • Cleaning on ladders

  • Trash compactors in the dining room

  • Cleaning blended ice machine

  • Roof


Break Policy:

  • You will be scheduled for a 10-minute rest (paid) break for shifts of 3 hours.

  • You will be scheduled for a meal (unpaid 30 Minute) break for shifts of 5 hours.

  • You will be scheduled for one 10-minute rest (unpaid) break and one meal (unpaid 30 minute) break for shifts of 7 hours


If you have any questions or concerns about any of these rules or guidelines or issues that may arise during your employment, feel free to contact your General Manager or Human Resources at (801) 280-9299. Your education is important to us, please let us know if you need to adjust your availability. We encourage you to review this policy with your parent or guardian. Please sign below to acknowledge you have and read understand these policies. 


I have read and understand the C&R Management 15-year-old Employment Guidelines Policy. I understand that this policy must be followed while I am under the age of 16. I will talk to the shift manager, general manager, or area supervisor if these policies are not being followed. I will update the general manager 2 weeks before my 16th birthday so I can be issued another uniform and update my availability and review job duty changes for 16- and 17-year-old employees. I understand that these policies are to keep me safe at work and that if I do not follow these policies, it will result in employment action including up to termination.

C & R Management Company               Updated March 8, 2022

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