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Cash Register Policy

Cash Register Policy using smart safe:

 for all crew & managers

  1. Every employee that is working a cash position must receive a clean (unused) cash drawer. Employees will count down their drawer before using the drawer. Verify the contents of the drawer with the drawer change slip. This cash and any that comes from working the register is your responsibility.

    1. Make sure your coin changer is full, if applicable.

    2. If the drawer was in a POS register prior to being used pull a drawer change and verify that it has not been used. This will also time stamp the time of day that the drawer was opened.

  2. You may only use the drawer assigned to you. You are not to use any other drawer nor permit any other employee to use your drawer. To assure security, you are to deactivate your register if leaving the drawer for any reason (cleaning assignment, break, etc.).

    1. If a drawer is in a POS register not in use and unassigned on the front counter the POS must be deactivated.

  3. Keep a “cushion” of only $100 in $20 bills (5 twenty-dollar bills) under your register drawer. This is for change of $50 or $100 bills. Deposit $20 & $10 bills as you receive them and during the course of your shift.

  4. When receiving a $50 or $100 bill you must verify the authenticity by inserting it immediately into the smart safe. If taking the money at the front counter first mark it with the fraud pen so that the customer can identify the bill. Have the manager take the bill to the smart safe to insert. If the safe rejects the bill, after inserting the bill twice, politely ask the customer if they have another bill. Do not tell the customer that their bill is counterfeit.

  5. Don’t insert $1 or $5 bills into the smart safe until you conduct the final countdown of that drawer. Be sure to ask the manager if they need $1 or $5 for back up or another drawer.

  6. It is your responsibility to put all money into the smart safe. Be sure that you use your employee number every time you enter cash into the safe.

  7. Never insert coin, torn, stapled, taped bills into the smart safe. This could cause the safe to jam. Only put your best-looking bills into the safe, trade bills out or use to give out cash. Bills that cannot be read should be changed out with bills in another drawer or back up.

  8. When you are finished using the drawer you need to count it down to the correct amount of coin and bills. You must complete and sign (in pen) the drawer change slip and put it in the clean drawer verifying that the drawer is at the correct amount.

    1. Have the shift manager enter the drawer count down into the CIT.

  9. If your drawer is +/- more than $2.00 the violation will be documented. Any variation in promo, coupons, and coupon buttons or discount percentage, manager or employee meals, gift certificates or excessive reductions of order totals is prohibited, and you will be documented for this violation. It is your responsibility to retain all receipts for promos, Manager and employee meals, over rings, and refunds in you drawer. They must be signed and save for verification when reconciling your drawer.

  10. Refunds are to be made by a manager only. The refund slip must be signed by the crew person on the drawer, the manager conducting the refund and the customer receiving the refund. The slip must be signed in pen.

  11.  If there is a customer question regarding their change or wanting to make change shut your drawer immediately and call a manager. You are not to make change between drawers. Call a manager for all change needs.

  12. Using a manager’s password or anyone other than your own password on the registers is prohibited and you will be documented for this violation.

  13. Managers you need to maintain the smart safes monthly.

    1. Terminated employees should be deleted from the safe system to keep the memory space available.

  14. We do not accept checks.

  15. Only the store manager may use the envelope drop. Never deposit cash in the envelope drop.

Store managers are responsible for maintaining and auditing all above policies, paperwork, and documentation.

C & R Management Company

Updated January 14, 2019

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