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How to get an account?

Shortly after getting hired you should receive an email from Sparrer Group. The email will expire in 20 days of being sent so please create your account as soon as you can. Please check your spam folder before contacting help. The email should contain a link for User Registration that will take you to the Employee Portal account creation page. Along with the group ID: Sparrer

Please read and follow all instructions closely.


The following information will be required for you to successfully create an account:

First name

Last name

Social Security Number

Three security questions that you choose from

Password you create

How to Login?

Simply follow the link to the Employee Portal and enter the company ID: Sparrer, email address, and the password you made.


Company ID: Sparrer


Password: yourPassword

Having issues?

Please review the steps above and if you continue to have issues then please contact McDonald's Office at 801-280-9299 or talk to your manager for assistance.

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